Commercial Painting

Epoxy Flooring

1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters are commercial painting contractors that have the knowledge, experience and manpower to efficiently install & apply quality floor coatings in an effective manner. Epoxy flooring is a special material that acts as a watertight sealant for all types of industrial and commercial floors including concrete. Epoxy coatings are most commonly employed to protect the floors of commercial garages, institutional, industrial & commercial buildings, basements, walkways, interior walls and sometimes-even ceilings. There are many facilities in Ontario that have already experienced the vast benefits of having an epoxy floor. These include manufacturing plants, airport hangers, industrial headquarters, pharmaceutical businesses and medical research laboratories. Epoxy floors have gained significant popularity in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Markham, Richmond Hill & the surrounding areas over the past few years due primarily to the durability and professional appearance of epoxy flooring.

  • Environment – Cracked floors and trenches are vulnerable to the leakage of hazardous chemicals. These can seep into the ground and cause all sorts of preventable damage. Not only is such an environment unsafe, it may even violate industrial codes of regulation. 1 Of A Kind Painters has the solution, and it’s epoxy flooring for your concrete.
  • Longevity - Cracking and pitting of your commercial or industrial floors are definite signs that your concrete is aging. Once these conditions are noticed, your floor is due to deteriorate rapidly. When 1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters coats & thereby protects your concrete, we conscientiously prevent its deterioration, and therefore add years to its overall life span.
  • Cleanliness – In many warehouses in Ontario, quality control depends greatly on stringent standards of cleanliness. For example, a small problem like concrete dust can make meeting such standards extraordinarily difficult. 1 Of A Kind Painters has the experience to coat your floor with epoxies and polyurethanes to prevent concrete dust from forming and therefore optimize production. This actually even makes cleanup procedures much easier in the facility.