Industrial Painting

Factory Repainting

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters has experience that you can trust for all of your industrial painting and protective coating requirements. From heavy industrial applications to commercial office spaces, you can rely on 1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters to get the job done. We realize that your business can’t stop working for painting and maintenance, and thus, we work around your schedule to minimize disruptions. Capable of small and large industrial painting projects, we offer precise execution from surface preparation, interior/exterior painting and complete cleanup procedure.

The manufacturing environment of today is constantly evolving as manufacturers around the world seek competitive cost approaches to getting goods to market faster. Also, many potential customers first take a tour of the factory or manufacturing plant in which business may begin. During this visit, customers are honed in on factors like factory safety, the condition of the roof, interior visibility and overall appearance. It is therefore critical that you also give both the aesthetics as well as the safety parameters the importance they deserve.

Industrial factory repainting includes structures such as storage tanks, silos, basins & even internal components. Further, internal storage tank linings are critical in preventing corrosion due to fumes, condensation or exposure to process chemicals. Coatings/paint for this type of painting service must have resistance to the stored chemicals and must prevent their contamination. Such structures may include:

  • Chemical storage tanks/process feed tanks
  • Fuel tanks (gas or oil)
  • Wastewater tanks
  • Water tanks (deionized water/city water storage)