Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting

We have learned that an essential part of any industrial painting project is the application of protective coating. In the context of industrial painting, protective coatings are materials that, when applied to a surface, will resist present environmental degradation and thereby prevent serious breakdown of the substrate and overall industrial structure. 1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters specializes in creating a barrier between the corrosive environment and the material to be shielded. Given the diversity of our clients’ backgrounds, each of them has their own set of reasons for requiring industrial painting. Such reasons include protection from environment, establishing a non-skid flooring system, enhancing factory safety and improving visual appearance.

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters has the experience, knowledge & practiced technique to apply:

  • Acrylics
  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethanes
  • 0 VOC coatings
  • High heat paints and coatings
  • Non-skid floor coatings
  • Chemical-resistant paints
  • Low moisture coatings
  • Impact tolerant coatings
  • Abrasion resistant applications
  • and other specialty coatings

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters works closely with industrial painting suppliers to ensure that the specifications of each of our client’s is met.

A few factors that commonly influence coating systems are:

  • Exposure of material to environment
  • Operating conditions of the substrate
  • Classification of substrate
  • Ambient conditions during application
  • Regulations related to environmental procedures
  • Time & budgetary constraints