Industrial Painting

Other Industrial Structures

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters is proud to be a full-service professional company committed to preserving the life of the assets in your industrial factories or production facilities. We supply high quality coating systems & paints that make for durable, long-lasting industrial surfaces. Especially in the power generation industry, industrial structure coating and lining maintenance can be both cost-effective and durable if done properly. Further, coatings/paints applied on units that are fueled by natural gas or clean fuel oil are relatively straightforward to maintain.

Based on the specifics of your manufacturing plant/production facility and its operating systems, 1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters will be glad to help your maintenance dollars go as far as they possibly can. As professional industrial painting contractors, we’ll even give you the best alternatives available for scheduling your maintenance, ensuring that you don’t unwittingly trade a short-term schedule gain for a long-term maintenance problem.

During industrial painting projects, we paint/coat:

  • industrial structures
  • storage tanks
  • silos
  • basins
  • holding tanks
  • mezzanines
  • support towers
  • cooling towers
  • industrial warehouses
  • floors, walls & ceilings
  • transfer stations
  • processing units
  • steel structures

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters completely understands the challenges encountered by the chemical industry including regular manufacturing problems, mitigating the damages of corrosion, explosions & other harmful happenings. With this mind, we would like to bring light to the fact that coating industrial structures is one of the best ways to prevent corrosion, chemical degradation and other damage. From tanker unloading facilities to the tank farms, the process units used in petrochemical plants are subject to some of the harshest industrial environments.