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Specialty Coatings

The service life of a weatherproof or chemical-resistant protection system usually varies from coating to coating. We supply & apply specialty coatings, such as epoxies, polyurethanes & others for the commercial and industrial sector of Southwestern Ontario. 1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters helps customers select the specific kind of coating that is best suited for their application. During this process, we take into account factors such as economical value, operational function, environmental issues & surrounding health/safety concerning. Coatings are widely used in many different ways to serve a variety of purposes. They may be incorporated to protect substrates from corrosion, water leakage or other environmental damage. Alternatively, specialty coatings may be used to prevent contamination of a particular material. Lastly, epoxy coatings can even enhance the visual appearance of a factory or manufacturing plant.

Through our experience, we have learned that some environments can be absolutely detrimental for coatings. Specialty coatings must sometimes resist breakdown from chemicals in its immediate surroundings. 1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters have a great deal of experience installing chemical resistant, non-skid, non-slip, highly reflective coating systems in both the interior and exterior spaces of commercial/industrial buildings.

Corrosion is a process whereby substrates, usually metal, break down as a result of reacting with molecular oxygen in the surrounding air. For corrosion to successfully occur, three components must be present in the immediate environment – oxygen, water and a source of ions. The higher the concentration of these individual components, the more quickly corrosion takes place. 1 Of A Kind Painters can be instrumental in protecting valuable business assets such as industrial walls, floors, ceilings and roofs by way of coating/painting.