Industrial Painting

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation affects the performance of a coating since it is the foundation upon which a coating system is built. If surface preparation is conducted improperly, both the integrity and service life of the coating will drastically decrease. The thoughtful selection and implementation of proper surface preparation techniques ensures that the coating will adhere to the substrate and result in a lengthy service life.

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters offers all of the following surface preparation techniques/procedures:

  • Hand tool cleaning: Hand tool cleaning helps remove any contaminants, loose rust, debris & other related detriments. We also incorporate hand chipping, scraping and sanding techniques to accomplish this stage of the surface preparation.
  • Brush off blast: This is an abrasive blast procedure, which is utilized to clean & remove oil, grease & closely adhered residues, corrosion and scale.
  • Power tool cleaning: This includes grinding, power tool chipping, sanding, wire brushing and decaling of surfaces to be coated during the industrial painting project.
  • Wet Abrasive Blasting: This blast cleaning uses abrasive in a mixture with water to eliminate dust as well as remove contaminants from the surface of the substrate to be painted.
  • Water blasting: Water blasting aids in the removal of greases, oils, loose debris, dirt, and existing paint chips. Our power tools can achieve pressures of 2500-5000 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • White metal blast: White metal blasting is a technique most effective in the removal of corrosion, mill scale, paint, oil & grease by way of grit, abrasive or shot blasting.
  • Solvent cleaning: Solvent cleaning refers to the removal of various salts, oil-based compounds like grease and other containments by way of an emulsifying agent or cleaning compound.