Industrial Painting

Wall, Floor & Ceiling Painting

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters often encounters concrete floors in industrial settings. It is important to understand that concrete is made up of cement, sand, aggregate, and purified water. When these materials are combined, they harden to form a solid mass, also known as concrete. The outstanding structural characteristics of concrete make it the material of choice for large structures and durable surfaces, like those found in commercial and industrial buildings.

Following are a few reasons we believe it is important to coat your concrete floors:

  • Prevention of contamination
  • Protection against weathering, abrasion and erosion
  • Enhanced visual appearance

Concrete is susceptible to attack from both acids and bases, and can therefore be degraded by water and other chemicals. Concrete floors/walls, like steel structures, can corrode over time. 1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters can help you get the most service life out of your industrial floors, walls and ceilings. An important stage in the process of industrial painting is surface preparation. Surface preparation forms the foundation of any coating system to be applied. Since concrete surfaces are porous, they can easily be contaminated. It is therefore especially important that such surfaces be prepared in advance by removing the absorbed containments and loose material on the surface. Some industrial coating systems require that deep profiles be produced by mechanical abrasion.

1 Of A Kind Industrial Painters can offer you any of the following surface preparation methods:

  • Shot blasting
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Dry abrasive blasting
  • Wet abrasive blasting
  • Water blasting/Pressure washing
  • Centrifugal vacuum shot blasting
  • Vacuum grinding, grit blasting