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Sand, Shot & Water Blasting

The most commonly employed method of preparing the surface/substrate to be painted or coated is by abrasive blasting, also known as dry grit blasting. This is accomplished by projecting minute grit particles at a very high velocity against the surface to be prepared. The process of abrasive blasting removes rust, mill scale, existing paint chips, loose debris and other surface contaminants that may be present. Further, abrasive blasting establishes a profile on the surface, which is rough enough to provide the right adhesion for any type of coating. 1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters have all of the necessary equipment to conduct your commercial painting project safely and efficiently.

A second way to prepare the surface of a commercial or industrial building for painting is by shot blasting. Shot blast machines typically use a centrifugal force to propel a specific abrasive, steel shot, against the surface. The equipment used in shot blasting procedures is self-contained, making for an environmentally friendly process. These heavy-duty units recycle the abrasive (steel shot), removing dust particles and any small abrasive materials as they pass through various chambers, thus reducing the amount of residual waste created. 1 Of A Kind Commercial Painters provides shot blasting mainly for the removal of existing floor coatings & subsequent surface preparation for new coating.

Water blasting or pressure washing is a surface preparation technique where water is propelled at a high velocity against a given surface. This is done in an attempt to remove surface contaminants, along with rust and mill scale. Water blasting is somewhat more standardized than abrasive blasting, and has stricter guidelines for its use. For this reason, it’s an unpopular choice among commercial painting companies, but serves it’s purpose when other techniques fail.